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DEW Engineering and Development is the largest and most advanced designer, integrator and manufacturer of state of the art Add-on-Armor in North America.

For over 40 years we have provided critical equipment and services to the military and law enforcement customers in North America and around the world.

What makes DEW unique is our flexibility. In addition to off-the-shelf products, DEW produces customized solutions that are engineered and manufactured to meet our clients' specific requirements. We are committed to our defense and security personnel to provide products that add value, often life-saving, and are critical for their mission success.


Law Enforcement

DEW PD3 Ballistic Door Panels for Law Enforcement Vehicles

With years of experience in providing vehicle armor for the military, DEW turned its attention to the protection of law enforcement personnel and their vehicles using internally mounted, light weight, composite panels.

DEW became the first (and remains the only) to design and offer an NIJ level IV+ ballistic panel. Now in use by multiple agencies in the U.S., this panel is also available directly from Ford Morot Company as a factory install option in their current Police Interceptors.


DEW Stryker Armor

DEW Engineering and Development has been providing Add-on-Armor (AOA) for a wide range of military armoured vehicles since 1994. DEW provides survivability solutions directly to vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) globally and our armor is presently installed on the largest U.S. military armored vehicle fleet (the Stryker).

With more than twenty years of experience designing and manufacturing armor systems, our products are built to meet and exceed our customer's expectations – and the highest military protection and test standards.


DEW Engineering's Add-on-Armor kits are optimized to provide high performance, unsurpassed protection, and are designed to maximize coverage to eliminate ballistic holes between panels and at mounting points while minimizing weight. Since 1994, DEW armor has been saving troops’ lives in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan, on vehicles such as Stryker (over 4,000 on-going), MRAP (1500+), LAV, M113 and a variety of trucks.


DEW is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoorsTek, Inc., Golden, Colorado, USA.

CoorsTek: Amazing Solutions

Delivering the Right Protection

Let us convert your police vehicle doors into always present protective ballistic shields with the DEW PD series of ballistic door panels. Please share with us your contact information to start your door protection delivery.

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DEW Engineering and Development ULC

Military and Police Ballistic Protection

DEW Engineering is the largest designer and manufacturer of composite ceramic armor in North America.

DEW PD3 Ballistic Door Panel for Ford Explorer

The DEW PD Ballistic Door Panel is a discreet, internally mounted solution.