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We have designed and manufactured vehicle protection solutions for the military and police services for 25 years.
From “concept to combat," we turn innovative ideas into field-proven products. We are the trusted leader of law enforcement vehicle door ballistic protection.

DEW PD Ballistic Door Panel

DEW PD Ballistic Door Panels

Law enforcement officials face real danger from ballistic threats. The DEW PD series of ballistic door panels convert ordinary vehicle doors into ready-to-use protective shields. These panels are integrated into the inside of the door and do not have any external mounting requirements.

The PD series is available in a range of protection levels including National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level IIIA, III and IV, as well as the Los Angeles Police Department specification for ballistic protection. The recent integration of the DEW PD4 Level IV panel into the Ford Police Interceptor allowed it to become the first pursuit-rated police vehicle to offer ballistic protection against armour-piercing rifle ammunition.


Designed to defeat NIJ Level IIIA, III and IV.

DEW offers a variety of NIJ ballistic panels for all makes and models of pursuit rated police vehicles.

DEW PD Ballistic Door Panels: designed for police, law enforcement and civilian protection.



Ford Level IV Ballistic Demo Video

Ford Level III Ballistic Demo 2 Video


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Let us convert your police vehicle doors into always present protective ballistic shields with the DEW PD series of ballistic door panels. Please share with us your contact information to start your door protection delivery.

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DEW PD3 Ballistic Door Panel for Ford Explorer

The DEW PD Ballistic Door Panel is a discreet, internally mounted solution.