Police Vehicle Ballistic Door Protection
Police Vehicle Ballistic Door Protection
Police Vehicle Ballistic Door Protection

Products designed for police, law enforcement and civilian protection.

  • Ballistic Door Panels
  • Designed to defeat NIJ Level III, IIIA, IV
  • Meet Los Angeles Police Department specifications for ballistic protection


DEW PD3 Ballistic Door Panel for Ford Explorer



DEW PD Ballistic Door Panels

Used extensively by police forces throughout the USA, the DEW PD panels acts as a ballistic shield when installed in a vehicle door allowing officers to arrive on site protected. These panels are integrated into the interior of the door, between outer skin and interior trim, and do not have any external mounting requirements. The PD series can be customized for different applications such as the protection of panel vans, shelters and containers.

The DEW PD Ballistic Panel solutions have been tested in accordance with the requirements of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standard 0108.01 as well as other special threats including the multihit Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) specification MTD 11-BDP01.



Design of DEW PD Ballistic Door Panels

DEW invests significantly in research and development for the continual improvement of armor design.

Our company has its own ballistic range where our developmental products are repeatedly tested prior to being sent out for independent lab testing. Our designs are also tested for temperature, moisture and water sensitivity. Our products are either immune to these naturally or in the case of moisture and water, are specially coated in order to protect them from these elements. Durability is paramount as the environment that it will be subjected to can be harsh. We also do mechanical testing such as repeated door slam testing to ensure the mounting points as well as the armor itself can withstand the subjected abuse.



DEW Ballistic Range



DEW PD Ballistic Level IV Door Panel for Ford Vehicles



Available Materials for DEW PD Ballistic Door Panels

Our armor panels are available in fabric composite, ceramic composite and metallic solutions. Which is best for you will depend on the characteristics that are most important to your department.

At a level IV, the only available option is a ceramic composite as a steel solution cannot be supported by the hinge or frame structure. DEW remains the only provider of a level IV ballistic door panel available to law enforcement agencies.